Ted DiBiase Details His Issues With The Ultimate Warrior

Ted DiBiase NXT

Ted DiBiase has clarified why he had issues with The Ultimate Warrior.

DiBiase’s wrestling career spanned nineteen years and saw him achieve quite a bit of success. He won singles and tag titles all over the world, including in WWE where he won the 1998 King of the Ring tournament, had three reigns as WWF/E Tag Team Champions alongside Irwin R Schyster, and won the WWF North American Heavyweight Championship.

As a world-traveled and respected worker, DiBiase got to work with many different people. But one person he didn’t like was The Ultimate Warrior, whom he described as “undeserving” of his success on an episode of Everybody’s Got A Pod.

“If there’s one guy, and there is that one guy that I had an issue with, it was The Ultimate Warrior because quite frankly I think he got a break he didn’t deserve.

He didn’t respect wrestling, he didn’t grow up in wrestling, and he had one thing going for him: a good body.

If you go back and listen to any of the interviews that he did, when he got through, I would look at somebody and go, ‘What the hell did he just say.’

There’s other guys that I worked with that got a break, but they’re good people and they were appreciative.”

Ted DiBiase critical of Ultimate Warrior and other wrestlers from the 1980s and 1990s

This isn’t the first time that DiBiase criticized The Ultimate Warrior. In a previous interview he also noted that both Warrior and the man he was constantly compared to, Hulk Hogan, “couldn’t work”.

Ted DiBiase has been in the news of late for allegedly being involved in a welfare fraud scandal in the state of Mississippi. However, DiBiase has denied the accusations and stated that the real people involved are using him “as a scapegoat.”

h/t WrestlingInc.