WWE Hall Of Famer Reacts To Roman Reigns Working Limited Schedule

Roman Reigns WWE

WWE Hall Of Famer Booker T has defended the limited working schedule of Roman Reigns.

Current Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Reigns has competed in just eleven televised matches so far in 2023, a statistic that has drawn criticism from fans.

Reigns is not currently scheduled to appear at Survivor Series: WarGames on 25th November, a show typically seen as one of WWE’s top Premium Live Event’s of the year.

Speaking on his podcast, Hall of Fame with Booker T & Brad Gilmore, the former five-time WCW Champion, however, leapt to the defence of the ‘Tribal Chief’, drawing comparisons to the limited appearances of fellow WWE Hall Of Famer Hulk Hogan during his popular peak:

“People are going to find something to complain about all the time. I think one of the biggest complaints was that the guys work too much.

One of the biggest complaints is that they need a season. You know, they need to have an off-season, just like basketball. How many times have we heard that? Thousands.

I mean, you might go back to the old days and just think how many times Hogan worked on television in a calendar year. And nobody was bigger than Hogan.”

WWE Hall Of Famer Believes Questioning Roman Reigns’ Schedule Would Be A Mistake

Booker T was also questioned about the locker room reaction to Reigns’ limited schedule, with the 2006 WWE King Of The Ring believing that it would be a mistake for anybody to question ‘The Tribal Chief’s number of appearances:

“Guys are going to be envious of someone who’s got it like that, but who cares? That’s just the way the wrestling business has always been.

And the thing is, if I got that spot, you better not come tell me you think that way. Because you might not have a job. Just that simple. It’s just the way it works. It’s a pecking order.

And right now, Roman is the guy. He’s the guy. And until some — and the thing is, trust me. It’s going to be a time when there’s another guy. It’s just going to be a time when it’s always been that way.”

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