WWE Hall Of Famer Opens Up About Their Shocking Botch

WWE Hall Of Famer Opens Up About Their Shocking Botch

WWE Hall of Famer Lita recently provided insight into the aftermath of her infamous botched dive during a match with Trish Stratus on Raw in 2004.

Speaking at the Paris Manga & Sci-Fi Show, Lita clarified that she did not break her neck during the dive, contrary to popular belief. In fact, she had broken her neck three years prior and miraculously escaped any injuries from the dive.

A lot of people think that is when I broke my neck. That was three years after I broke my neck.

Lita explained the sequence of events, describing the dive as the “scorpion dive” due to her feet going over her head like a scorpion.

I dove out and because Trish is much shorter than me, the trajectory has to go down. I did what we ended up calling the ‘scorpion dive’ because my feet went over my head like a scorpion.

Although she was initially confused about what happened, Lita quickly realised she had not suffered any serious injuries.

I didn’t know what happened. On that suicide dive, sometimes we’ve seen people catch their feet on the ropes. I knew I cleared the ropes. When I hit the ground, I didn’t understand, like ‘Whoa, how did that happen?’ If you watch it back, I pop up confused. I heard the crowd gasp and was like, ‘Oh, ok. I think that might have looked bad. I’m gonna go ahead and take all 10 seconds of the ref counting to kinda just relax and refocus so I can continue.

Despite the mishap, Lita’s determination and resilience shone through as she continued the match and ultimately emerged victorious, capturing the WWE Women’s Championship.

Did Lita Return To The WWE In 2023?

Lita made a shocking return to the WWE in February of 2023 where she helped Becky Lynch fend off an assault from Damage CTRL.

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