WWE Hall Of Famer Named Most Overrated Wrestler Ever

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One veteran isn’t a fan of one WWE legend.

During time his in wrestling, Eric Bischoff has worked with some of the biggest stars the industry has ever seen. But naturally, he hasn’t been impressed by everyone he’s seen earning their living inside the squared circle.

During a recent episode of 83 Weeks, Bischoff was asked by a fan which popular wrestler was the most overrated of all time, and the WWE Hall of Famer pulled no punches in response. Almost before the question was even complete, Bischoff replied “The f*cking Honky Tank Man,” adding he was the most overrated “by a mile.”

Although the Honky Tonk Man is best remembered for his lengthy run with the Intercontinental Title with the WWF, he crossed paths with Bischoff in 1994 in WCW. The veteran left the company late that year after several disputes with management, with Bischoff later saying getting rid of Hoky Tonk Man was his “favourite firing.”

Eric Bischoff Hits Out At WWE Legend

On a different episode of his podcast, Eric Bischoff responded to comments made by Bret Hart in the new documentary ‘Who Killed WCW?’

Bischoff said he recently saw Hart at an event in Australia and he seemed to be miserable. The former WCW boss added that The Hitman “didn’t have a f**king clue” what was happening in WCW back in the late 1990s.

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