Eric Bischoff Blasts Bret Hart For WCW Comments In New Documentary

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When it comes to Bret Hart’s take on WCW, Eric Bischoff claims the Hitman “didn’t have a f**king clue” about what happened.

The first of four parts of the new documentary called “Who Killed WCW?” aired earlier this week on VICE TV. The show featured a lot of well-known wrestling personalities who worked for WCW and also others in the pro wrestling business.

Eric Bischoff is a key part of it since he was the former President Of WCW who came up with a lot of innovative ideas that boosted the company in the mid-1990s when they were going head-to-head with WWE.

As for Bret Hart, he is a former WCW World Champion who was hired by the company in late 1997 after he was given a very generous offer by Bischoff that paid Bret significantly more money on a per-year basis compared to his WWE contract at the time.

Many wrestling fans also know that Bischoff and Hart have been at odds for decades as the two men have insulted eachother many times over the years.

In the documentary, Bret Hart claimed that Bischoff was “Hulk Hogan’s puppet.” When Bret was asked to sum up his WCW run, the Hitman responded matter of factly: “Thanks for nothing, go f**k yourselves.”

On his 83 Weeks podcast after the documentary aired, Eric Bischoff reacted to the Hitman’s comments saying it was nothing new.

“Did I expect Bret Hart to be crabby and grouchy and blame the world? Sure. We hear it every time we hear Bret, he’s angry at somebody, nothing new there.”

Eric Bischoff Claims That Bret Hart Looks Miserable

As he continued, Bischoff ripped on the Hitman some more while noting that he saw his fellow WWE Hall of Famer recently.

“I saw him in Australia a couple of weeks ago. I was there and he was there and I said hello to him, acknowledged him and met his wife and she seems like a very nice person. But you just look at this guy from across the room and he looks … miserable. I don’t know, maybe deep down inside he’s a very joyful person, but he looks miserable, it’s the same old s**t. Bret didn’t have a f**king clue what was going on in WCW.”

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