Eric Bischoff Reveals What Was The “Worst Idea When It Came To Casting The NWO”

Eric Bischoff Reveals What Was The

Eric Bischoff spoke about how casting Ted DiBiase as the talking head of the nWo was a bad idea.

During the iconic Monday Night Wars era, the fierce competition between WCW and WWE led to a flurry of talent acquisitions, with WCW often enticing wrestlers from its rival promotion. One notable development during this period was the emergence of the nWo, a faction led by former WWE stars, which added a new layer to the ongoing rivalry. Among those recruited to the nWo was WWE Hall of Famer Ted DiBiase.

DiBiase, celebrated for his managerial acumen and rich WWE legacy, joined the nWo as its fourth member, taking on the role of manager and spokesperson. However, his integration into WCW and the nWo proved to be a mismatch. Eric Bischoff, reflecting on DiBiase’s tenure with the faction, acknowledged the poor fit, attributing it to a misguided casting decision.

Speaking on his 83 Weeks podcast, Eric Bischoff openly expressed regret over casting DiBiase in the nWo, clarifying that it was not a reflection of DiBiase’s talent or reputation but rather a case of a role that didn’t suit him well. Bischoff eventually assumed the spokesperson role himself, replacing DiBiase, whose brief stint with the nWo ended abruptly after just a few months.

Ted DiBiase was probably the worst idea when it came to casting the nWo. It has nothing to do with Ted DiBiase we have touched on this before, I love Ted DiBiase. He is a great guy. We see each other on the road, we hang out and have dinner. He is a gentleman and a pro, but yours truly, in a poor, decision-making mode, cast him as one of the talking heads to kind of lead the nWo.

It is just bad casting, I don’t know how else to say it. It has nothing to do with Ted’s talents or ability. It had nothing to do with his credibility. Had nothing to do with anything other than being a bad fit. Now, Michael Wallstreet [IRS] was another example of that and there were others we can talk about any of them.

Following his departure from the nWo, DiBiase transitioned to a face role, managing the Steiner Brothers and later Ray Traylor, before ultimately parting ways with WCW in 1999.

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