WWE Hall Of Famer Makes Tough Call On Which Hart Brother Is The Best

WWE Hall Of Famer Makes Tough Call On Which Hart Brother Is The Best

The sombre legacy of Owen Hart’s tragic passing at the WWE Over the Edge 1999 event remains a poignant chapter in the annals of professional wrestling. Owen’s untimely demise not only cut short a promising career but also ignited a perennial debate about his potential trajectory compared to that of his renowned brother, Bret Hart.

In an instalment of Everybody’s Got A Pod, WWE Hall of Famer Ted DiBiase delved into the ongoing discourse surrounding the wrestling prowess of the Hart brothers. DiBiase, expressing profound sorrow over the unfulfilled potential of Owen, lamented the unforeseen conclusion of a career that held immense promise.

Reflecting on the lost opportunities for Owen, DiBiase underscored the myriad accomplishments that could have been within the wrestler’s grasp if not for the tragic incident, highlighting the overwhelming sense of disbelief that still shrouds the situation.

Owen had so much ahead of him, so many things he could have done had he not fallen; it’s just so unbelievable.

DiBiase remarked, encapsulating the collective sentiment of the wrestling community.

Confronted with the perpetual comparison between the two brothers, DiBiase approached the topic with careful consideration. While acknowledging the close call, he paused affirming his belief in Bret Hart’s superior wrestling abilities. DiBiase elucidated his preference for Bret over Owen, citing their shared psychological and philosophical approach to wrestling as the decisive factor.

I think I’d still go with Bret. I don’t know. That’s really tough. That’s it. We came from the same school of psychology of what wrestling is. Same mentality.

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