Bret Hart Opens Up About His Feelings Towards Former President Donald Trump

Bret Hart Opens Up About His Feelings Towards Former President Donald Trump

Bret Hart reminisced about his memorable encounters with former U.S. President Donald Trump at WrestleMania IV and WrestleMania V.

In an interview with Forbes, Bret Hart warmly recalled his meetings with Trump, describing him as friendly and accommodating. During WrestleMania IV, Hart had an unforgettable experience with Trump. Hart remembered Trump thoroughly enjoying the battle royal and being taken aback by Hart’s ability to withstand a hard front turnbuckle bump without sustaining serious injury.

Backstage, Trump greeted Hart with a beaming smile and a firm handshake. Impressed by Trump’s pleasant demeanour, Hart mustered the courage to ask if they could take a photo together, along with his father and his tag team partner Jim Neidhart. Trump graciously agreed and even allowed them to capture multiple shots. Hart expressed his admiration for Trump, stating:

Backstage, Trump gave me a big smile and a handshake. A few minutes later, I asked him if he could pose with my dad, myself, and The Anvil for a photo. He was very nice about it, even allowing us to take several shots. I liked him.

At WrestleMania V, Hart and Trump crossed paths yet again. To Hart’s surprise, Trump remembered their previous encounter and inquired about the photo they had taken together. Trump offered to take another photo, which Hart gladly accepted. Hart commended Trump for his kindness and remarkable memory, stating:

He was always nice and had a long memory. I held him in high regard.

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