WWE Hall Of Famer Would “Like To Forget” Spell With The Company

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One WWE veteran doesn’t have particularly fond memories of every run with the company.

After a career that would eventually land him in the WWE Hall of Fame, Ted DiBiase hung up his boots in 1993. Although he never won the World Championship, the “Million Dollar Man” was one of the most recognisable performers in the industry through the 80s and into the 1990s.

Following his in-ring retirement, DiBiase remained on television as part of the Million Dollar Corporation in WWE, and later the nWo in WCW.

After a spell away from the industry, DiBiase began working with WWE again in late 2004 and became a creative consultant for SmackDown in 2005. The star also made a number of on-screen cameos during this period

Speaking on his Everybody’s Got A Pod podcast, DiBiase described this part of his career as something he’d like to forget.

“It’s almost like … it’s a time I’d like to forget [working in WWE creative].

When they tried to make me part of the creative team, it was very hard for me, and looking back, where I’m now, I wonder if it was very hard because maybe I’m hard-nosed and I’m from old school and that’s the way I learned it.”

The veteran added that despite not enjoying the role, it gave him a greater appreciation of the work writers have to put into WWE programming.

“One thing that it did do in terms of the way I think, it made me appreciate what those people [writers] do every week,” said DiBiase. “I’m an old timer, I’m the last of the old timer age, and a lot of fans say the guys that were in wrestling or in WWF/E from the mid-80s to the mid-90s were the last great era of wrestling.

I have a tendency to agree with that only because I was part of it. The difference is my generation was the last generation that learned our art the old school way — and the old school way was basically getting in the ring and having a match.”

WWE Legend Reflects On Decision To Retire

On an earlier episode of his podcast, Ted DiBiase reflected on his decision to retire despite being just short of his 40th birthday. DiBiase explained that he always promised himself he’d not be wrestling by the time he turned 40, something he said has worked out incredibly well for his long-term health.

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