WWE Hall Of Famer Doesn’t See Goldberg As A Great Talent “In Any Way”

Goldberg WWE

Ted Dibiase has questioned Goldberg’s monster push in wrestling.

Right from his debut in WCW, the master of the Jackhammer was a dominant force in the promotion, which included a lengthy undefeated streak and a reign as World Heavyweight Champion. The time at the top of the card would continue in WWE, where the Hall of Famer defeated The Rock in his first match and captured the top title on 3 separate occasions. Despite Goldberg being a top talent, Dibiase admits that he didn’t see the fascination.

Speaking on Everybody’s Got A Pod, The Million Dollar Man was asked about his thoughts on the fellow Hall of Famer. DiBiase stated that there is no personal animosity towards the multi-time World Champion, but did not see anything in his wrestling ability:

“As a person, I have nothing against Goldberg. I don’t know that he was ever worthy of the position he was given,” declared the Hall of Famer. “I would put it this way, it’s like, what was Goldberg already known for? Football. Here’s a guy who is very well known for his football talent, and we’re going to try to make a wrestling star out of that, based on the celebrity he has already got from being a football player. I just don’t know that it works. I don’t have anything against the guy, more power to him, if you get a shot take it. I don’t see him as far as wrestling goes, a great talent in any way.”

Has Goldberg Retired From WWE?

The former World Champion finished his contractual obligations in 2022, with the final match being a loss to Roman Reigns at the Elimination Chamber Premium Live Event in Saudi Arabia. While not under contract, there is still a possibility that the Hall of Famer re-signs with the company for one more run or goes on a retirement tour for another promotion. It should be noted that Tony Khan has had conversations with Goldberg.

H/t to Wrestling Inc.