WWE Hall Of Famer Claims Hulk Hogan Deserves More Credit

Hulk Hogan WWE Champion

A WWE Hall of Famer has spoken up in support of Hulk Hogan.

Although Hogan remains one of the biggest names in the history of the industry, he was never particularly known for his in-ring prowess. Even at his peak, the star utilised a limited move set, and that only became more restricted as he got older.

Despite this, a fellow WWE Hall of Famer believes Hogan doesn’t get enough credit.

On a recent episode of his Everybody’s Got A Pod podcast, Ted Dibiase was asked who he’d prefer to face if he was defending the World Championship at WrestleMania. DiBiase said Hogan would be the obvious choice, before breaking down what made him such a success in the ring.

“One of the obvious choices would be [Hulk] Hogan because Hogan was the guy,” DiBiase said. “I don’t think Hogan gets enough credit. People say, ‘Well, he really wasn’t a great wrestler.’ ‘Okay. He wasn’t a great wrestler in terms of hammerlocks and wristlocks and all this other stuff, leg sweeps, and what have you. But what Hogan was very good at was understanding who his character was.

Here’s this great, big guy, kind of like André the Giant. André the Giant was great because André the Giant could go in the ring and, in a very believable way, get into a place where the people actually thought he was in danger of losing. You know what I’m saying? … It’s all about the way you tell the story.”

Hulk Hogan In Pain Every Day

While Hogan was incredibly successful, he’s currently paying the price for all of those nights at the top of the card. During a recent interview, Hogan admitted “everything hurts,” detailing his struggles with going about his daily life.

The veteran said he couldn’t properly extend his arms and has issues with his back, neck, knees, and hips, something he puts down to not retiring earlier.

H/t to Wrestling Inc