WWE Hall Of Famer Never Got Why Everyone Loves CM Punk

CM Punk

A WWE Hall of Famer doesn’t get why CM Punk was and is so popular.

CM Punk began his career in 1999, but it wasn’t until he landed in Ring of Honor three years later that he really began to make waves. While with the promotion Punk gained a cult following and competed in a series of acclaimed matches with Samoa Joe that are still held up to this day.

Punk then moved on to WWE in 2005, reaming with the company until his now famously acrimonious departure in 2014. The star remained out of the ring until August 2021 when he debuted with AEW. However, Punk now finds himself a free agent once more after being fired in September 2023.

Although many are tipping Punk to return to WWE, and even some within the company would have no issues with him re-signing, it seems Road Dogg won’t be pushing for him to come back.

Speaking on a recent episode of his Oh You Didn’t Know podcast, the veteran said he doesn’t get the hype around Orange Cassidy, before applying the same thinking to CM Punk.

“Everybody loved CM Punk too. I never got it. Never understood it. Cuts a decent promo. Good, in today’s world. Never got the rest of it. Let’s lay it on. If we’re getting heat, let’s get it,”

WWE Continues To Deny CM Punk Return Rumours

Despite some fans clinging to the hope that CM Punk will appear at Survivor Series in Chicago, WWE sources remain adamant he won’t be appearing. The most recent update on the situation quoted one higher-up as saying a deal between WWE and Punk remains a “firm no.”

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