Triple H Surprised By Lack Of CM Punk Questions At WWE Fastlane; Update On Return Rumours

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Triple H and other WWE stars were prepared to discuss CM Punk at Fastlane.

Fastlane came just weeks after AEW had fired CM Punk, and as rumours regarding a stunning return to WWE gathered speed. The post-show press conference represented the first opportunity for the media to ask Triple H and others directly and very publicly about a potential return for the star.

Since Punk left AEW he’s been continually being linked with WWE, with some reports suggesting that talks had taken place between the two sides.

However, the press conference came and went without mention of Punk. This surprised fans across the board, and sparked speculation that reporters had been told not to mention the star. Later reports refuted this.

Interestingly, a new report from Fightful Select has revealed that not only was Triple H expecting questions on Punk, like fans he was surprised when they didn’t arrive.

The report adds that The Game and other WWE stars were prepared for the questions, with the company sticking to a line sources had previously leaked to the media. This is that there is no remaining ill will between the two sides, and the possibility of a deal is always there. However, Punk hasn’t signed, and there aren’t ongoing negotiations.

WWE high-ups add that as of October 30th, Punk to WWE is still a “firm no.”

Eddie Kingston Wishes CM Punk Was Still In AEW

In a wide-ranging new interview with Adrian Hernandez, Eddie Kingston gave his thoughts on CM Punk and their on-screen rivalry in late 2021.

The Mad King was in typically forthright mood, and admitted he has no love for Punk, but explained that wrestlers don’t need to be friends to work together. Perhaps surprisingly, Eddie Kingston revealed he wished CM Punk was still in AEW as he’d helped the company.