Eddie Kingston Wishes CM Punk Was Still In AEW: “We Don’t Have To Be Best Friends To Fight Each Other”

Eddie Kingston CM Punk

Eddie Kingston might not like CM Punk but he still wishes his AEW career would have turned out differently.

Just months after arriving in AEW, Punk became engaged in a feud with Kingston in late 2021. Both men love to blur the lines between reality and fiction, so fans were excited to see the pair clash on the microphone and in the ring.

As soon as Kingston and Punk went toe-to-toe on the microphone sparks flew with the Mad King detailing his very real dislike of the former WWE star. At Full Gear, Punk defeated Kingston, but fans seemingly haven’t forgotten the rivalry.

A promo from the feud recently began circulating on social media, with fans praising Kingston for “telling no lies” about Punk.

During a new interview with Adrian Hernandez, Kingston was asked whether he felt bad about the promo being brought up. In response, the NJPW STRONG Openweight Champion said he was simply doing his job, and that’s how he felt, adding that while he might not like Punk on a personal level, he wishes he was still in AEW.

“No I’m doing my job no I’m doing my job then that’s how I felt you know what I mean. I didn’t know what anyone else in the locker room felt, I didn’t care, it’s how I felt. I didn’t want him there you know what I mean. Me and Punk don’t like each other and that’s fine you’re not going to like everybody you work with you know what I mean?

Do I wish he was still in AEW and I wish it worked out differently? Yeah because he helped the company but other than that I don’t give a f*ck. Me and him never got along anyway and it don’t concern me. We don’t have to be best friends to fight each other, it makes it better when we’re not best friends when we have to fight each other. I don’t wish him bad but I don’t wish him good either ’cause I don’t give a f*ck, that’s it.”

Potential Deal Between CM Punk And WWE Considered “Dead”

CM Punk’s time with AEW was marred by backstage conflict, and he was fired in September 2023 after one incident too many. Since then, the star has been heavily linked with a stunning return to WWE.

However, it’s believed that a deal is off the table for now. As speculation continues to swirl, CM Punk recently visited a taping for IMPACT Wrestling, who hold an interest in working with the star.

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