WWE Hall Of Famer Disgusted By Orange Cassidy’s Sickening Dynamite Moment

Orange Cassidy

One friendship is definitely over in AEW but unsurprisingly WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray was not happy following the attack on Orange Cassidy on Dynamite.

Trent Beretta has turned his back on Orange Cassidy in recent weeks as he brought an end to the Best Friends. Beretta has also taken delight in another AEW star’s career being over as he looks to make a name for himself in the company.

On the 8th of May edition of Dynamite, Cassidy and Beretta clashed in a grudge match which Cassidy won with a roll-up. After the bout, an enraged Beretta attacked his former friend and delivered a vicious piledriver to Cassidy on the steel steps. The conniving Don Callis was on hand to help Orange Cassidy to the back while Kris Statlander pleaded with Beretta to stop.

Bully Ray Would Hate WWE If They Did What Orange Cassidy Did

Speaking on Busted Open After Dark, Bully Ray – who recently appeared at WrestleMania 40 and the WWE Draft – gave his thoughts on the segment and was less than impressed that Orange Cassidy was able to walk away from the nasty piledriver:

I don’t know about you folks but the world of professional wrestling I come from – if you get piledriven onto steel ring steps, you’re done. You’re out. It’s a f*cking piledriver on steel steps. Come on! If that wasn’t enough, Trent Beretta decides to pick up Orange Cassidy and give him basically a teeter-totter manoeuvre into the throat and neck area on the underneath of the iron ring. So a piledriver onto the steel and a teeter-totter neckbreaker move onto the iron frame of the ring.

Now everybody loves Orange Cassidy but not enough to actually come save Orange Cassidy. Kris Statlander finally comes down to create a bit of separation and lo and behold the camera pans out and Orange Cassidy is standing with a steel chair in his hand ready to defend himself from any other attack from Trent Beretta.

You people are gonna sit there and tell me I’m nuts, you’re gonna tell me I’m crazy, tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about, tell me I hate AEW – I would hate any company who did this. I would hate WWE, I would hate TNA, I would hate Ring of Honor, I would hate New Japan, I would hate your sister’s ass and every company in between who ever decided it was ok to have a talent no sell a piledriver on the steel steps, a teeter-totter neckbreaker to the iron frame of the ring and be back up 10 seconds to 15 seconds later prepared to defend himself.

Bully Ray continued with his thoughts by suggesting Orange Cassidy should have been taken out on a stretcher and pointed out moments like these are where AEW needs help:

Orange Cassidy is 120 pounds soaking wet with a brick in his pocket and a feather on the top of his head. And we’re to believe he’s indestructible?! Even the most indestructible of indestructibles should not be able to withstand that. Orange Cassidy should have been stretchered out, neck in a brace, whatever. Not on his feet and not defending himself.

[…] Where I come from that’s major heat and I think even the most diehard AEW fans listening tonight know in their hearts that Uncle Bully was right. I saw Road Warrior Hawk no sell a Jerry Lawler piledriver. That’s Road Warrior Hawk. And it was a piledriver in the ring, not on steel steps and immediately followed up by another move directly to the neck area. I’m sorry folks, this is where AEW needs a lot of help.

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