WWE Hall Of Famer Credits Triple H With Making WWE TV “Enjoyable”

Triple H speaking at the WWE SummerSlam 2023 press conference

Mick Foley is a big fan of the current WWE product produced by Triple H.

Following the appointment of The Game as head of creative in July 2022, many have found the new format refreshing and a lot easier to watch, citing better pacing and rematches being a lot less frequent.

Speaking on Foley is Pod, The Hardcore Legend revealed that he is watching the week-to-week broadcasts and even goes as far as to say it is similar to The Attitude Era:

“I have started watching again, I have to tell you, I really find ‘Raw’ enjoyable,” admitted Foley. “I think Triple H deserves a lot of [credit] — and no that’s not a sign that I want to go back there under a contract, just because I’m complimenting Triple H. I think they’ve got some great long-term storylines going on. I think they’re adding great talent and it reminds me of like, late 1999, specifically early 2000.”

Foley made it clear in his praise that he is not doing this to try and get a job at his old work. The Hall of Famer last appeared at Survivor Series 2020 as part of The Undertaker’s Final Farewell. Being one of The Deadman’s greatest rivals, Foley was one of many legends who acknowledged the 3-decade career of The Phenom.

Foley is not the only person to compare the current product to arguably the greatest era in wrestling history as Shawn Michaels also compared the success of NXT to that of the WWE golden years.

Triple H Preparing For Jade Cargill’s WWE Arrival

Fans are currently waiting for Jade Cargill’s highly-anticipated arrival onscreen, with many curious as to which brand Cargill will be on and how will the former AEW star be booked during the early stages of her career. When it was official that Cargill had signed with the company, Triple H would praise the “Dominant athlete.”

H/t to Wrestling Inc.