WWE Hall Of Famer Claims CM Punk “Got Off On Wrong Foot” With Younger AEW Talent

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A WWE Hall Of Famer has discussed earning respect when you’re a more experienced wrestler entering a locker room – and how CM Punk failed to do that.

There’s been plenty of controversy surrounding CM Punk since he joined AEW, and that was exascerbated at All In when he had a confrontation with Jack Perry inside Wembley Stadium.

Since then there have been several reports of what punishment both men have received, including talk that both have been suspended pending further investigation – although the latest reports would contradict this, saying that Punk has received no notification about a suspension.

However, it once again brings in to focus the actions of the Real World Champion since he arrived in the company, especially when it comes to his interactions with younger talent.

Booker T Discusses Earning Trust Of Younger Wrestlers

One man who knows what it takes to do that is WWE Hall Of Famer Booker T. Having entered the TNA/Impact Wrestling locker room as an established talent, whilst there were plenty of soon-to-be top level stars coming through the ranks.

On his latest podcast, Booker T has opened up on what he did at that time, and compared it to how CM Punk has done things wrong in AEW.

The first thing I said about CM Punk when he came into AEW, I said for guidance, he’s the guy there going to be looking towards, you know, as far as leadership, and he’s in that position, and when you’re in that position and you having, you know, bickering back and forth between you and the young guys opposed to trying to bridge that gap, you know, it’s gonna be that problem.

I say that because I was the older guy going into TNA and I’m gonna tell you right now, I had to earn Samoa Joe’s respect. I had to earn AJ Styles’ respect, Roode. I wanted those guys to know that I was on their team and on their side, because I made my money. People talk about when I came into TNA, I wasn’t making a whole lot of money when I went there.

It wasn’t about the money at all at that time. I always say I was making more money on WWE royalties than I made my whole time in one year with TNA. No joke No joke, seriously, so getting those guys to trust me is what I had to do and I really think CM Punk got off on the wrong foot as far as that goes.

With All Out set to take place in Chicago this weekend, it would seem any sort of suspension for Punk would cause significant changes for the booking of the show.

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