WWE Hall Of Famer Blasts AEW’s Use Of Mercedes Mone

Mercedes Mone promo on AEW Dynamite

Mercedes Mone shouldn’t be cutting lengthy promos according to one WWE Hall of Famer.

When Mercedes Mone walked out on Dynamite on March 13th, her arrival was heralded as the biggest female signing in company history. Not only that, many felt she was one of the biggest stars to ever become All Elite.

However, some feel her run to date has underwhelmed due to an over-reliance on lengthy promos.

During 83 Weeks, Eric Bischoff said AEW is letting Mone day by not playing to her strengths. The former WCW boss began by explaining that he’s a fan of Mone’s, but cutting long promos has never been her strong point.

“I don’t dislike Mercedes. She’s a phenomenal wrestler, she’s a phenomenal performer in the ring. She’s had an incredible run. She’s hugely successful and I respect the hell out of her for what she’s accomplished. That doesn’t mean she’s capable of holding a mic for more than 30 seconds.”

Bischoff added that WWE did a better job of hiding her weakness than AEW so far, commenting that her stock is falling every time she speaks.

“Every time she opens her mouth, her stock value decreases by about 10%. She’d be much better off never to say anything. Just smile and do a little f**king dance and come out with funny hair. Do all that s**t. That got her over.”

When Will Mercedes Mone Make Her In-Ring Debut?

It’s been announced that Mercedes Mone will make her long-awaited AEW in-ring debut at Double or Nothing on May 26th.

At the event in Las Vegas, Mone will challenge Willow Nightingale for the TBS Title. It was during a match between the pair back in May 2023 that Mone suffered the broken ankle that has kept her out of the ring.

H/t to Wrestling Inc