The Date Mercedes Mone Will Be Cleared To Compete In AEW

Mercedes Mone AEW

Mercedes Mone is on the horizon for one new champion in AEW and Tony Khan has confirmed her medical status in the company.

Mercedes Mone has not competed in a year since suffering a major injury during a bout to crown an inaugural NJPW STRONG Women’s Champion. That match pitted Mone against Willow Nightingale and the finish was changed after the injury to ensure Nightingale picked up the surprise win.

Mercedes Mone announced herself as All Elite on AEW Big Business as she ended speculation about her future. Mone has been confirmed to be part of Double Or Nothing and Tony Khan has doubled down that she will be ready to get back in the ring by then at the post-Dynasty media scrum:

She’ll be cleared at Double or Nothing for the singles match. And that was a big part of this, knowing that it’s been a major road for return from the injury. [At] Big Business, we did a great crowd in Boston, it was a great crowd last year in Boston, we drew even more fans this year for Big Business and really stepped up and I think her presence was a huge part of that. And it was great to have that moment, but also, to start building up some real excitement around the championships and real excitement around AEW.

To have a top free agent arrive on the big stage like that on Dynamite in the TD Garden in Mercedes’ hometown, got a great reaction, I think it’s built a lot of excitement. Now we know Mercedes is going to challenge for the TBS title, like Willow said she’s going to be an active champion.

Mercedes Mone Blames Willow Nightingale For Injury

Khan then hinted that there could be more matches for Willow Nightingale to get through before she faces Mercedes Mone at Double Or Nothing and mentioned the recent backstage attack Mone suffered:

So we do know Mercedes has been out about a year when she wrestles at Double or Nothing. It will be a full year since she last wrestled and it was against Willow, which she blames Willow for causing this injury. And really, they’ve been butting heads since Mercedes arrived. But there are a lot of variables here. We’ve seen backstage attacks, and assailants, and Willow said she’s gonna be a fighting champion.

So there could be more matches before but we know Mercedes will be cleared for later in May about just over a month from now at Double or Nothing. I’m really excited for it.

h/t Inside The Ropes