WWE Hall Of Famer Has “At Most” One More Year In The Ring

Edge Rey Mysterio WWE

WWE Hall of Famer Edge had his career cruelly cut short in 2011 when he was forced to retire due to injury but now in his second chance with the company, the star feels his time is running out all over again.

Edge returned to WWE at the 2020 Royal Rumble in his first match in nine years for the company but the ensuing pandemic wreaked havoc with his triumphant return. After that bout and two more with Randy Orton, The Rated-R Superstar returned at 2021’s Rumble, this time winning the men’s Rumble match and guaranteeing himself another WrestleMania main event.

More recently the star has been embroiled in a near year-long feud with The Judgment Day that culminated in Edge defeating Finn Balor inside Hell In A Cell at WrestleMania 39. But there are question marks over the star keeping going until WrestleMania 40.

Speaking to Speaking to Logan Paul on Impaulsive, Edge noted that he doesn’t want to outstay his welcome on his second chance with WWE and thinks he might just have a year left to complete his wish list:

“I don’t want to stick around to the point where it’s like, ‘Oh, there he is. Okay.’ I don’t want to get there. When I come out now, I feel the explosion. I feel all of that to throw at them. That’s still there. I don’t know if that, for me, will ever go away.

“I feel like, in this last run, the Rocky Balboa movie, which I watched two nights before my comeback. I was in tears. (Sylvester) Stallone’s monologues in it, were all things that were going through my mind. I realized, ‘I gotta get this out of the basement,’ because I didn’t have the chance to end it the way I wanted it to. This time, I’m going to get to do that.”

“Now, I have two little girls that I have to spend the rest of my life taking care of. I have a wish list of things that are still to do, but it’s not long, and neither is the time. At most, I might have another year in me, to be able to do it at this level and still be able to do it at an elite level where I can still hang, where I have to get in with Austin Theory, who is 25 and wasn’t born when I had my first match in WWE.”

Edge might be one man paying close attention to the upcoming WWE Draft and, given his history with championships, could well have his sights set on the new WWE World Heavyweight Championship should he end up on the same brand as the new title.

h/t Fightful