WWE Hall Of Famer Applauds Raw Bout: “It Was A Good Piece Of Wrestling”

WWE Hall Of Famer Applauds Raw Bout:

WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash shared his insights on a pivotal WWE Raw match and offered commendations for World Heavyweight Champion Damian Priest.

During an episode of his podcast “Kliq This,” Nash expressed admiration for the presentation of Damian Priest as champion and lauded the Gunther Vs. Sheamus match in the King of the Ring tournament.

Nash highlighted the psychological depth of Damian Priest’s character, praising the direction WWE has taken with him.

I’m liking what they’re doing with Priest. That’s been an interesting segment and where they’re going psychology-wise with him.

Additionally, Nash gave high praise to the Gunther Vs. Sheamus match, describing it as a masterful display of in-ring storytelling. He emphasised the match’s ability to convey a compelling narrative, saying:

I thought the Gunther-Sheamus match was just really a nice piece of work. I thought it told a good story; it was just a good piece of work, it felt like a fight.

Nash delved into specific aspects of the match, commending Sheamus for his exceptional selling, particularly his portrayal of an injured leg. He noted Sheamus’s attention to detail and the match’s overall effectiveness.

Sheamus did a really good job selling the leg and he went for his finish, the kick. I still think that they accomplished everything they wanted to, and I definitely think that Sheamus was more over doing the job.

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