Kevin Nash Offers Advice To AEW Wrestlers On How They Can Improve Their Physiques

Kevin Nash Offers Advice To AEW Wrestlers On How They Can Improve Their Physiques

At 65, WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash continues to impress with his dedication to fitness, maintaining a physical prowess reminiscent of his prime wrestling days.

During a discussion on his podcast “Kliq This,” Kevin Nash offered insights into the contrasting physiques of wrestlers in WWE and AEW, highlighting notable disparities between the two promotions.

Reflecting on the conditioning of today’s wrestlers, Nash remarked on the impressive appearances of WWE stars like AJ Styles and LA Knight. He praised their rigorous schedules and disciplined fitness regimens.

I watched AJ [Styles] versus LA Knight [at WrestleMania 40], and it’s like, both those guys look amazing. And their schedules these guys are working, man. Still, they’re getting in the gym. They’re dieting their a**es off.

In contrast, Nash noted a difference in the physical conditioning of AEW wrestlers, using Will Ospreay’s physique as an example. While not criticising Ospreay’s athleticism, Nash implied a variance in dedication to physical conditioning.

[Will] Ospreay’s not fat by any means, he’s just not dialled in. He’s just not chiselled. Most of the guys on the WWE roster look like you can tell they’re putting the time in the gym and they’re dieting. Granted, a lot of those guys got busses and everything else, but it ain’t like the guys on the other side ain’t making the same amount of coin.

Nash also offered practical advice to AEW wrestlers looking to enhance their physiques, drawing parallels to the lifestyle of touring rock bands. He suggested that wrestlers pool resources to create a communal transportation arrangement, similar to a rock band’s tour bus, to prioritise meals, rest, and training.

Some of you guys who aren’t making the same amount of coin, you can still throw four of you in a bus and make a bunk bus like you would a rock and roll band. You can have your meals, have somebody else drive you, you can get your sleep, you can get your training in. There are ways to do it.

What Did Kevin Nash Previously Say About Will Opsreay?

Previously Kevin Nash was more critical of Will Ospreay by stating that he “needs to get in better shape.” Nash went on to criticise AEW’s talent as a whole by saying that they “look like indie guys because no one looks like they take care of themselves.”

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