Kevin Nash Makes Bizarre Will Ospreay Claim

Will Ospreay in AEW

Kevin Nash wants to see a change from Will Ospreay.

AEW’s Will Ospreay is currently flying high after picking up a stunning win over Bryan Danielson at Dynasty.

The match was billed as a clash between two of the best wrestlers in the world, and when all was said and done, many hailed the bout as one of the best ever in North America.

As Ospreay continues his march to the top of AEW, Kevin Nash called on the company to make the British high-flyer its top star on his Kilq This podcast. Nash then offered a surprising piece of advice to Ospreay via a comparison with AJ Styles.

“Though at the same time, I watched a little bit of Smackdown and I watched AJ and it’s like Ospreay needs to get in better shape … everybody looks like indie guys because no one looks like they take care of themselves. He just turned 30, yeah, c’mon, man.”

Kevin Nash Has Controversial Take On The Rock

Away from modern wrestling, Kevin Nash also claimed The Rock owes much of his success to Stone Cold Steve Austin getting injured.

Nash said that without Austin getting injured, The Rock wouldn’t have hit the heights he did, adding the star “took a lot of Steve’s sh*t” and incorporated it into his own character.

H/t to Wrestling Inc