WWE Hall Of Fame Tag Team Reuniting For The First Time In 7 Years

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A WWE Hall of Fame tag team is set to reunite in the ring for the first time in many years.

While Bully Ray and D-Von Dudley have accomplished plenty as singles stars in their decades-long careers, they’re best known for their work as a tag team across multiple promotions. The on-screen brothers were inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame as part of the class of 2018, but they haven’t teamed together inside the squared circle since a House of Glory match in 2016.

Despite Bully Ray claiming in March that a reunion was unlikely, it’s been announced that the Dudleyz will be reuniting as part of the IMPACT 1000 taping on September 9th in White Plains, NY.

WWE Hall Of Famer D-Von Dudley Opened Up About Dudley Boyz Reunion

Speaking on the latest edition of Busted Open Radio, D-Von Dudley spoke about making his in-ring return for the first time since 2016, joking that he can always tag in Tommy Dreamer if ring rust proves too much.

“I’m excited about that, I’m really am (Team 3D reunion). It’s been almost 10 years since I’ve been in the ring and it’s like riding a bike and getting off it and getting right back on it again. I think I’m excited about that. I’m waiting to see how much I got left in the tank for me to go, and you know, for me and Bubba to go back and do our thing, I can’t wait.

“And now having the opportunity to get back with Bubba and be on the 1,000th episode of IMPACT and to relive the glory that we once had, I think it’s great. I’m really looking forward to this and I’m ready to see how much — like I said earlier, how much I got left. I think there’s a lot left to go back in the ring and to do things and if I’m not mistaken Tommy (Dreamer), I believe you’re gonna be along with me. So if I breathe heavy or if I need to tag out and Bubba ain’t on the apron, I’m tagging you. I’m letting you know that (he laughed).”

When Bully Ray asked if D-Von would be open to another Dudley Boyz run as a tag team if IMPACT 1000 goes well, D-Von answered:

“Absolutely (he’d be open to doing it again if he feels good after IMPACT 1000). Like you always say, I want us to be KISS. I want us to really put the makeup on for the last time, go out there and hit the greatest hits, have a great time with the people, have a great time with each other and just make history again. I would love that.”

h/t POST Wrestling