Bully Ray Explains Why Dudley Boyz Reunion Won’t Happen

The Dudley Boyz Bully Ray D-Von

The Dudley Boyz dominated tag team wrestling for years wherever they went but now it looks like the pair’s time in the ring together is over according to Bully Ray.

Bully Ray made his name as Bubba Ray Dudley and alongside his brother D-Von, those damn Dudleyz ruled over the tag team scene, winning the ECW, WWE, WCW, NWA, TNA, and IWGP Tag Team Championships on multiple occasions.

After years away from WWE, The Dudley Boyz re-emerged in the company in 2015, spending one more year together before going their separate ways with Bully Ray heading to Ring of Honor and D-Von Dudley remaining in WWE as a producer, a role he held until early 2023.

With both members of the Dudleyz now out of WWE again, fans have wondered if a reunion of the team could take place but speaking in an interview with Chris Van Vliet Ray has explained why that won’t happen:

“Physically I don’t think so because I don’t think that D-Von can do it anymore, we’ve had the conversation. And for the world to know, because people on social media take things out of context and run with sh*t, it’s ridiculous. [Crosses fingers] Me and Devon have been like this since day 1. There has never been an issue with me and Devon. All this sh*t that you like to run with, these clickbait headlines, f*ck off!

” […] D-Von said Bubba’s got his school, I got my school. Yeah, because I moved out of Florida. D-Von wanted to do a school on his own, this is just normal stuff that went on. There’s zero heat.”

Bully Ray also reiterated that despite the two stars having different ideas on their future in 2016 which led to them going their separate ways, it didn’t cause any issues:

“That’s true though, but it didn’t cause a divide. I told Vince that I can’t do the Dudley thing anymore. I can’t do this Dudley thing the way that you want to do it, did it for a year. Vince sat me and D-Von down and said here’s what I want you to do. Work with The New Day, help them get over. Work with The Usos, help them get over. Work with The Wyatts, help them get over, and then whoever else we throw at you. You got it, no problem. The boss sat us down, this is how much he is paying us, this is what he needs. Ok, no problem.

“But after a year of doing it, I’m like ok, I am burnt on The Dudleys, I know I’ve got Bully Ray in the back pocket. I told D-Von upfront, I said listen, I don’t think I am going to re-sign. So we knew all of this. He re-signed and became a producer in the company, an employee in the company. Just recently they parted ways, but he had a great career there as a producer, did very well.

“It was never any animosity with D-Von, we talk all the time, we have done shows together. We are doing an autograph session in England, we got something coming up at the arena soon. It’s all good.”

Bully Ray is part of IMPACT Wrestling once again and recently unsuccessfully challenged Josh Alexander in his quest to become a three-time IMPACT World Champion.

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