Backstage Reaction To WWE Using Fake Crowd Noise On Raw

wwe Brock Lesnar F5s Cody Rhodes

There was some obvious fake crowd noise usage when Brock Lesnar was on screen with Cody Rhodes on this week’s WWE Monday Night Raw.

Cody Rhodes was in action on the May 8th edition of WWE Monday Night Raw as part of the World Heavyweight Title tournament. Cody competed in a triple-threat match against The Miz and Finn Balor.

It was a match that was dominated by Cody for most of it as he hit the Cross Rhodes twice on The Miz and went for a cover. However, Brock Lesnar showed up and pulled Cody out of the ring. Lesnar dropped Cody with an F5 on the floor while Balor would go on to pin The Miz to win the match.

The reason Lesnar attacked Cody is because Cody beat Lesnar at WWE Backlash on Saturday night by countering a Kimura Lock submission into a pin attempt for the win.

Brock Lesnar would go on to F5 Cody onto the commentary table and break it as well. After that, Lesnar did a promo challenging Cody to a fight at Night of Champions while getting angry about Cody calling Lesnar a “coward” in the past.

During the promo by Lesnar, it was very obvious that WWE was piping in loud crowd noise that was done to make it seem like Lesnar was being booed heavily.

Fightful Select confirmed that WWE heavily piped in audio during the Brock Lesnar and Cody Rhodes segment. Meanwhile, they also reported that several people in WWE agreed with many online fans in thinking that the fake crowd noise wasn’t needed during the segment.

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