WWE Still Expecting Upcoming Debut Despite Disastrous Injury

WWE Triple H

Despite suffering a recent injury that will keep her out of action indefinitely, WWE is still expecting Giulia to make her debut for the company as planned.

On April 15th, new WWE signing Giulia helped launch a new promotion Dream Star Fighting Marigold with former STARDOM boss Rossy Ogawa. Furthermore, it was confirmed that the star will compete on the debut show on May 20th. That news came after the Japanese-Italian star spent WrestleMania weekend with WWE and was shown on camera at NXT Stand & Deliver.

There was a belief within NXT that Giulia would make her in-ring debut at Heatwave on July 7th, where she is likely to challenge for one of the NXT Women’s Titles. However, that plan was nearly thrown out of the window entirely.

Giulia was remaining in Japan to help Stardom founder Rossy Ogawa become established with Marigold before her impending move to WWE. However, at Marigold Fields Forever, disaster struck.

Giulia teamed with Utami Hayashishita in a loss to Sareee and Bozilla but that was the least of her concerns. On social media, Marigold revealed that Giulia has suffered a fractured wrist and will miss several upcoming shows:

Giulia’s right wrist was injured in yesterday’s inaugural match. Today, her doctor examined her and diagnosed her with a fracture. Unfortunately she will miss the Hana Kimura show on the 23rd, and upcoming shows for the time being. We apologize and thank you for understanding.

Giulia Still Expected To Make WWE Debut Despite Injury

Fightful Select has now reported that despite her injury WWE is still hopeful that Giulia will be healed in time for NXT Heatwave. Not only that but WWE is still hoping that the star can be Roxanne Perez’s opponent for the NXT Women’s Championship on the show – although it was stressed these plans are not set in stone and as well as the injury concerns, they could change due to her commitments to Marigold.

Giulia is expected to stay with Marigold past her debut in NXT and is set to appear at the promotion’s Summer Destiny event on July 13th. She has already noted that she wants to compete on that show despite suffering her fractured wrist.

Giulia is said to be expected to lead the next class of talent heading to the WWE Performance Center which could include names from the company’s recent tryouts in Australia.

While English is Giulia’s first language, it is noted that the language barrier is not as big of an issue under Triple H’s leadership of WWE as it had been previously but WWE was impressed with her efforts at learning the language.