WWE Executive Claims He Can’t Comment On Vince McMahon Lawsuit

Vince McMahon

A WWE Executive with close ties to Vince McMahon for decades says he can’t address anything from the lawsuit against his former boss.

Bruce Prichard has been a WWE employee for nearly 30 years since when he started with the company. Prichard has worked for WWE in a variety of different roles from the late 1980s, through the 1990s and until his release in 2008. Bruce was brought back by Vince McMahon in 2019 and remains in the role of WWE Executive Director for the creative team.

Vince McMahon has been essentially removed by WWE as the company’s Executive Chairman after building and running the company for nearly 40 years.

The reason for that is because Vince McMahon has been accused of sexual assault and sex trafficking with several sordid accusations made against the former WWE Chairman. Sponsors threatened to pull away from the company, which led to TKO executives telling McMahon to resign from his WWE role.

In the lawsuit, former WWE employee Janel Grant accused McMahon of sexual assault and sex trafficking over two years. McMahon had Grant sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement, but then he stopped paying it and Grant has filed a lawsuit with hopes of leading to a criminal trial. It has also been reported that Vince McMahon is under federal investigation for his alleged crimes.

On his Something To Wrestle podcast, Bruce Prichard made it clear he couldn’t talk about the McMahon lawsuit in a discussion with co-host Conrad Thompson. Prichard denied being involved in the lawsuit involving Vince McMahon.

Conrad Thompson: “I don’t know why, but everybody thinks you’re going to be able to comment about the news that has surrounded WWE in recent weeks. And I want to give you a moment here to say whatever you want to say. And I’ll hang up and listen.”

Bruce Prichard: “Well, first of all, as far as lawsuits and things of that nature, I’m not at liberty to discuss any legal matters with the company whatsoever. So to that, there’s nothing that I can say or do. So there can’t be a response from a legal standpoint, and you can ask till you’re blue in the face, and that’s going to be your answer.”

“I’m not involved. I’m not being sued. I’m not accused of anything, and nor, you know — it’s a legal matter. And as I said to you, you know, sometimes it is as simple as: for those who believe, explanations are needed; for those that don’t, no explanation will do. And that’s kind of where we are. And we’ll let the rest of it sit in the hands of the fine legal system that we have here in the United States of America.”

As he continued, Prichard continued to make the point that he couldn’t comment on the lawsuit.

“No one told me not to do anything on the podcast other than the simple fact that I work for a company that is involved in a lawsuit right now — can’t comment.”

“Folks, if you work at a large company and your large company is being sued, then there’s very little that you can say about it. And if you do, that’s a good way for you to lose your job.”

Ronda Rousey Blasts Bruce Prichard Over Friendship With Vince McMahon

After the Vince McMahon lawsuit was made public, former WWE Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey remarked that Vince was still present at WWE even while away because of Prichard.

“Bruce Prichard is basically Vince’s avatar, if he’s still around Vince still has a hand in the business. Vince was still running things through Bruce when he was “gone” before”

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