WWE Executive Reacts To The Rock Joining TKO Board

The Rock TKO

The Rock is now part of the TKO Board of Directors and for one member of WWE management that can only be good for the company.

The Rock was appointed to the TKO Board of Directors on the same day that WWE announced a blockbuster $5 billion deal to take Raw to Netflix.

Road Dogg Wants The Rock To Show Him The Way In WWE

Speaking on his Oh You Didn’t Know podcast, WWE executive Road Dogg discussed how he feels about The Rock now being a part of TKO’s Board and says he knows the struggles that WWE stars have to put themselves through to succeed:

I love it. He is spreading his wings, and I’m actually surprised he hasn’t thrown his hat into the ring this year to be the president. But maybe he’s waiting till 2028. But, more power to him. He’s a brilliant businessman, his team that he surrounds himself with are all super overcompetent people that perform and produce, and so anything he’s in, I’m down. I’m down, show me the way, point me to it.

Never before would you have had a guy who’s done it all and been through it all — and I mean from making miles in Memphis to getting called up to where he stands today, the journey all in between. Now you got a dude who’s literally lived the life, like you said, in the committee, in the boardroom, and so that’s pretty cool because he will definitely have the sports entertainer’s best interest at heart. He knows the struggles, he knows the perks.

Road Dogg may be waiting a while if he wants to see The People’s Champ take on the White House as The Rock has ruled himself out of running for US President for one very good reason.

h/t Wrestling Inc.