The Rock Puts An End To US Presidency Speculation

The Rock US President

The Rock has long been touted as a future presidential candidate given his popularity but now the WWE icon has put an end to all the speculation.

The Rock has been appointed to the TKO Board of Directors as he returns to the world of WWE in a very senior position. That news came on the same day that WWE announced a blockbuster deal with Netflix sending the TKO share price sky high.

Amid speculation that The Rock’s ambitions could lie even higher, he’s now set the record straight on what his priorities are.

The Rock Rules Out Presidential Bid

In an appearance on FOX News, The Rock was asked once and for all if he’d ever run for office and says although he’s been approached by both major parties, he’s more interested in being a father:

I’m honored. I’m not a politician, [I] never had the intentions to be a politician. As all this continues to take shape and form, and I get it, especially ramping up into this year in particular with an election year. I actually got approached by both parties. One after the other. I said, then, as I say now, ‘I’m honored, thank you.

The most important thing I’m doing now is being a daddy to my little girls.’ I like school drop-offs, and I like pick-ups. I like that and I know if I were to ever go down that road, which I have no intention to, all that goes away, and I don’t want that to go away.

During his appearance, The Rock was joined by Nick Khan who gave his thoughts on a return to WWE for Donald Trump.