WWE Executive Thinks Edge’s Legacy Is The Tag Team Division

Edge WWE

Edge is one of the most decorated WWE Superstars of all time with World Heavyweight Championships and WWE Titles aplenty but Road Dogg still thinks the star’s legacy is in his exploits in the tag team division.

Tag team wrestling was an afterthought in WWE during the mid-nineties until Road Dogg and Billy Gunn spearheaded a revolution that helped bring a focus back on tag team wrestling during the Attitude Era.

The baton held by the New Age Outlaws was then swiftly handed to Edge & Christian and The Hardy Boyz whose ladder match exploits helped propel them to stardom in the company. When The Dudley Boyz made the move over from ECW, all the pieces were in place for tag team history to be made in the form of the TLC match, with the one at WrestleMania 17 still being one of the most talked about matches in WWE history.

But things rarely last for tag teams in WWE and before long all three of those teams went their separate ways with Edge having the most success as a singles star by far as he captured the US Title, the Intercontinental Title five times, the World Heavyweight Championship seven times and the WWE Title on four occasions. In addition, Edge is one of only two stars to have won the King of the Ring as well as the Money In The Bank and Royal Rumble matches.

Speaking on his Oh You Didn’t Know podcast, Road Dogg explained that despite the exploits of The Rated-R Superstar, for him the WWE Hall of Famer’s legacy comes back to what he did as a tag team star:

“Edge is great. Edge is phenomenal — well, sorry, AJ, he’s not phenomenal. He’s great. He’s fantastic. Look, he’s even come back and reinvented himself and just doing it again at this high level when the business is so good. The stocks are really booming, and everything is going so great. He still comes back and is still competitive and at the same level.

“This is just me, this is just my opinion. I think Edge’s legacy, in my mind, is the tag team division and raising the bar with the TLC Matches and so forth and so on. I know he had a long career after that of World Championships and so on and so forth.

“That’s what I remember Edge for, so that’s where I’m at, but is he great? Heck yeah, he’s great. One of the greatest and one of the greatest human beings. I went to Madison Square Garden for SmackDown and had an opportunity to sit for a really long time with him and Gallows and Anderson, and we really had a good time.

“Edge looked right at me and said, ‘This is what I miss,’ and I said, ‘I know exactly what you’re talking about.’ The camaraderie, man. The camaraderie and the dressing room. Whether I’m hammered on everything or sober as a judge, the camaraderie is still there, and it’s still with like-minded individuals who understand me and vice versa.”

Edge recently returned to action on SmackDown in Madison Square Garden where he defeated Grayson Waller in Waller’s in-ring main roster WWE debut.

h/t Fightful