Christian Cage Says Edge Is Like A Brother To Him – “I Just Can’t Shake The Guy”

Edge Christian Cage

Christian Cage opened up about his close relationship with Edge.

Edge and Christian have been linked throughout their wrestling careers, with the pair appearing as on-screen brothers as soon as Cage made his WWE debut in 1998. These days, Cage is signed to All Elite Wrestling, while Edge returned to WWE in 2020 following his 2011 retirement due to neck injury.

During a recent appearance on the Swerve City Podcast, Cage opened up about how his friendship with Edge began and how they used to wrestle on mattresses during their youth.

“The reality is I just can’t shake the guy. Believe me, I’ve tried [laughs] but he keeps coming back. We hit it off when I moved into a new town, in the sixth grade, and I was a really shy kid. I wouldn’t even get out of the car to go to school. So, the teacher sent a couple of students and Adam [Copeland] was one of them. He talked to me and made me feel better, so when I went to school, we started talking, and we both realized that we loved wrestling. So, our initial bond was wrestling, and also this Ninja throwing star — we’ve told that story tons of times.

“Adam was also a very good artist, he’d draw these pictures of us as a tag team, We’d set up mattresses in the sideyard — I don’t condone doing this, but we’d wrestle with my brother and stuff and sit and talk about finding a wrestling training [school] and how we’re gonna make this dream happen. And we did!”

While the two are no longer presented as actual brothers on-screen, Christian says they share a bond that’s more like brotherhood than friendship after their many years together.

“He stayed over at my house on the weekends, and the door to my house was always open to him. Having that foundation also helped us [maintain a lifelong bond] and made us brothers more than friends.”

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