WWE Executive Bruce Prichard Describes Former Champion As “Absolutely Rotten”

WWE Executive Bruce Prichard Describes Former Champion As

During a recent episode of his “Something to Wrestle” podcast, WWE Executive Bruce Prichard candidly expressed his thoughts on former WWE star Kenzo Suzuki, describing him as “absolutely rotten” while discussing the Great American Bash 2004 PPV, where Suzuki wrestled Billy Gunn.

Prichard pulled no punches in his assessment of Suzuki’s character in WWE.

It sucked! It was horrible. Does he know how to work? He was rotten… I mean rotten.

Prichard’s unfiltered critique left no room for ambiguity, reflecting his unequivocal disappointment with Suzuki’s in-ring abilities. Suzuki, who had signed a developmental deal in early 2004, was swiftly elevated to the main roster, making his debut on the SmackDown brand in June of that year. However, Prichard adamantly asserted that Suzuki’s premature promotion was a misstep, emphasising that Suzuki was not prepared for the demands of the main roster.

He did not belong… he wasn’t ready for prime time, he just wasn’t ready in anybody’s category in any way you want to slice it. Suzuki was just not ready, he was not good, didn’t understand… absolutely rotten, there’s no other way to say it.

Despite his brief stint in the WWE, which included a tag team championship reign with Rene Dupree, Suzuki’s last appeared for the company in February 2005 and was eventually let go in July 2005.

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