Bruce Prichard Explains Who Is The Greatest Character in WWE History

Bruce Prichard Explains Who Is The Greatest Character in WWE History

On an episode of his Something to Wrestle With podcast, WWE executive Bruce Prichard discussed the debut of The Undertaker at the 1990 Survivor Series PPV, in which he was originally the manager for Undertaker.

The debut in general was such a rush. The feeling walking out with Undertaker the first time, the ice cold hush that came over the audience… and they believed it without him ever doing a thing. He looked straight out of Central Casting.

Undertaker debuted as a “mystery partner” on Ted DiBiase’s Million $ Team on the show, but was counted out to be eliminated in the match and still looked extremely strong in his debut appearance.

Bruce Prichard also explained how he was involved in helping create The Undertaker character in WWE.

I enjoyed working with The Undertaker from the aspect of getting to build something brand new and taking a character out of my head that actually had a human being that was willing and was into it and who threw himself into that character so much.

Prichard also gave plenty of high praise as to where he thinks The Undertaker gimmick ranks in WWE history.

He was just so invested and that’s why he’s the greatest character of all time, not because of me, but because of him.

Bruce Prichard as Brother Love was only involved with The Undertaker in a storyline for Taker’s first few months in WWE until Paul Bearer was brought in to replace Brother Love, and then the rest is history.

Bruce Prichard Apologises To The Undertaker Over Bad Opponent Choices In WWE

Bruce Prichard has previously apologised to The Undertaker on his podcast for being involved in selecting Heidenreich as one of Undertaker’s past feuds.

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