WWE “Dropped The Ball” With Rusev Says Hall Of Famer

Rusev and Lana WWE

WWE could’ve done more with Rusev, according to a Hall of Famer that has experience dealing with the company’s creative direction.

The man spent several years in WWE and, at first, he was given a major push. He was despised by the fans for being a Russian sympathizer, and those sympathies led him to a match with John Cena at WrestleMania 31.

After that though, things started going downhill. He found himself involved in some TMZ-style romance angles and was embarrassed and humiliated several times.

These frustrations led to him demanding his release, and he has since spent his time wrestling in AEW as ‘Miro’ while also working on other projects on the side.

Many fans have noted in the past that WWE could’ve done more with him. This sentiment was recently echoed by Road Dogg on his Oh You Didn’t Know podcast.

Road Dogg was discussing multiple people that WWE “dropped the ball with”, and after discussing Aiden English and Bobby Roode, Road Dogg turned to the man now known as Miro.

“I think Rusev and Aiden English, there was something there with Rusev Day, we saw that, we felt it. We set it up … We made Rusev Day from a creative standpoint … but yeah, we dropped the ball with Rusev.”

h/t WrestlingInc for the transcription