WWE Hall Of Famer “Sincerely Disappointed” By Stephanie McMahon’s Exit

Stephanie McMahon WWE

A WWE Hall of Famer has spoken about Stephanie McMahon leaving WWE and thinks the timing of her exit was all wrong.

Vince McMahon upended WWE business to begin 2023 by forcing his way back onto the Board of Directors before being installed as Executive Chairman of the company. While many wondered what his return would mean, Stephanie McMahon and Triple H led a staff meeting to hammer home the message that it was business as usual.

But just days later, it proved to be anything but business as usual when Stephanie McMahon announced she was resigning from her roles as WWE Chairwoman and co-CEO.

Speaking on his Strictly Business show, Eric Bischoff explained why he was “sincerely disappointed” at Stephanie McMahon’s departure and how it sent out the wrong message:

“At a time when it’s extremely critical to at least create the outward impression that it’s business as usual and this high-powered team is going to continue doing what it’s been doing, 24 hours later, she resigns, which is the exact opposite of that.”

“If she would have resigned before she made that statement to the employees, I’d be really comfortable with that decision. But to do it a day after, it’s kind of weird.”

While Vince McMahon is said to be working solely in his corporate role there is said to be a feeling in WWE that it’s just a matter of time before he appears on television again.

h/t Wrestling Inc.