WWE Confirms Mandy Rose Release By Moving Her To Alumni Roster

mandy rose wwe nxt ring

The release of former WWE NXT Women’s Champion Mandy Rose has been confirmed by WWE based on where she is on the company website.

It came as a surprise to many when it was reported on Wednesday that Mandy Rose was released by WWE. The report came from Fightful with WWE choosing not to release any kind of statement on their website.

Rose’s release came just one day after losing the NXT Women’s Title to Roxanne Perez on the December 13th episode of NXT. The match was originally scheduled to take place on the January 10th episode of NXT called New Year’s Evil. However, Rose attacked Prez from behind on this week’s NXT, which led to the title match in the main event. Perez won clean with her Pop Rox finisher while Rose’s 413-day title reign ended.

Regarding why Rose was released, it is because she had a FanTime subscription page that WWE wanted her to get rid of. WWE does not allow their superstars to have fan pages where they can charge for subscriptions. In addition to that, Rose was posting some explicit material that is against WWE’s policies, especially as a PG product with family-friendly sponsors.

A report from the Wrestling Observer noted that WWE’s Shawn Michaels, who runs NXT, felt that Rose had crossed the line with some of the content she was posting because there was nudity on there. Management in WWE believed they had absolutely no choice but to release her. The report noted that WWE PC Head Coach Matt Bloom (former Albert when he was a wrestler) brought it to the attention of Michaels in a meeting. From there, the decision was made to fire Rose.

After her release, Rose put up this message for her FanTime subscribers:

“Hey guys, thank you for all the messages. I am overwhelmed with all the love and support from you guys. And don’t worry the page is still up! ;)”

While WWE has not publicly made a statement about Rose’s release, they did move her to the Alumni page on their website. If you go to and click on WWE Alumni, you can see Rose listed there in alphabetical order.

Mandy Rose was discovered by WWE as part of the reality show Tough Enough in 2015. She finished second among the women contestants on the show and then was signed to a full-time deal shortly after it ended. Sonya Deville was also signed after that season. Rose debuted in NXT, then she was on both Raw & Smackdown before going back to NXT in 2021. Her NXT Title reign was the only title run she had in WWE.