Ex-WWE Star Says Tag Team With Cody Rhodes Was Underrated

Cody Rhodes

A former WWE superstar feels that his time teaming with Cody Rhodes was very successful.

During his first WWE run from 2007 to 2016, Cody Rhodes wasn’t the main event performer that he is now in 2024. During those days, Cody was a midcarder that competed for various singles titles, but he also had a reputation as a successful tag team wrestler.

In his WWE career, Cody Rhodes captured Tag Team Titles with five different tag team partners. Cody had two title reigns with Goldust (his brother Dustin Rhodes), twice with Ted Dibiase Jr., plus one time with Drew McIntyre, Hardcore Holly and Jey Uso in 2023 as well.

Another wrestler that Cody was aligned with WWE for a period in his career was Damien Sandow. The two men worked together as a tag team as well as midcarders on the rise on the Smackdown brand. They were known as The Rhodes Scholars or Team Rhodes Scholars and the 2013 Money in the Bank match won by Sandow was a match where some people thought Cody should have been the winner. The Rhodes-Sandow team ended after that Money in the Bank match with Cody going into a babyface role.

Former WWE superstar Damien Sandow was interviewed by Chris Van Vliet and spoke about the alliance with Cody.

“Cody and I, we were I would say like in terms of the totality of wrestling, we were a very underrated tag team. If you look at what we did, the matches we’ve had with various people. And we tagged for a minute. And we travelled together and stuff, [did you win the titles?] I don’t think we did. Miz and I did. But no, Cody has always had a drive and a determination about him”

“. And I’m just very, very glad that he’s determined and again, taking the risks that he has, and staying true to who he is. And I think that’s just wonderful. Because like when you see someone stay true to who they are, whatever that truth is. Because only they can define it. But they kind of reach the apex of what they would like to be and that’s awesome.”

Cody Rhodes Set To Appear At WWE Elimination Chamber

It has already been announced that Cody Rhodes will get to challenge Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Title at WrestleMania 40 since he won the Royal Rumble. In addition to that, Cody will also head to Elimination Chamber in Perth, Australia on February 24th.

At Elimination Chamber, Cody and the World Heavyweight Champion Seth “Freakin” Rollins will be at Elimination Chamber where they will be guests on the Grayson Waller Effect talk show hosted by Waller, who is Australian.