WWE Changes Approach To Contract Renewals

Drew McIntyre in WWE

WWE has seemingly changed how it handles contract renewals following the merger with UFC.

A number of WWE contracts are set to expire in 2024, with some major names potentially becoming free agents. It’s previously been reported that Drew McIntyre, Becky Lynch, and Sheamus all have contracts expiring in the coming year.

In a new update via Fightful Select, it’s been reported that several top stars are yet to be approached about extensions. The company signed “dozens” of Superstars to new contracts in 2019, with some coming due in 2024.

Fightful notes that talent they’ve spoken to were of the belief that the recent deal with Endeavor and merger with UFC will kickstart talks. Many of these stars are waiting to see what these offers might be, although they are yet to arrive.

While there have been some negotiations, these have reportedly only taken place when talent has approached WWE for raises.

Talent is said to be interested to see what this means for future negotiations, and whether offers will be increased, decreased, or remain on a level with pre-merger numbers.

Drew McIntyre Yet To Agree New WWE Deal

Much of the speculation around contracts has centred on Drew McIntyre. The Scottish star’s deal is due to expire in 2024, and there have been reports that he isn’t 100% happy with his position in the company.

Prior to the report from Fightful, it was reported by Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that the star hadn’t re-signed, but was “solid” through April and WrestleMania season.