Update On Return Of Former WWE Champion

WWE Championship

A former WWE Champion is expected to return from injury soon.

Former WWE Champion Kofi Kingston has had an incredible WWE career for the last 15 years. Kofi has also been one of the most durable WWE superstars in that period since he really hasn’t missed that much time with injuries.

During his legendary career, Kofi has done everything you can do in WWE since he won the WWE Title in 2019 to go along with many Tag Team Title reigns with The New Day (Big E & Xavier Woods), as well as Kofi holding the Intercontinental & US Titles as well.

On the March 3rd edition of Smackdown, there was a promo segment involving Drew McIntyre, Sheamus, LA Knight, Kofi Kingston (with Xavier Woods) and Karrion Kross all making it clear they wanted to face GUNTHER for the Intercontinental Championship at WrestleMania 39.

Following those promos, there was a brawl between the five men and Woods. There was a spot where McIntyre did a somersault dive over the top rope onto a bunch of guys on the floor. Sadly, the spot ended up injuring Kingston because when McIntyre landed, Kofi’s right leg twisted underneath him. It was a right ankle injury for Kofi Kingston, which led to surgery and a lengthy time on the sidelines.

Earlier this week, Kofi commented on how he is doing.

“I’m actually in Orlando right now doing some rehab on my ankle. I had ankle surgery to remove a bone chip and fix a ligament after the massive Scottish, behemoth of a man’s Drew McIntyre landed on my leg and my body went east and my leg went West and my ankle was completely sprained. But they took out some bone chips and fixed the ligament. And now I’m on the mend. You know somewhere in between a robot and a zombie and you know, so somewhere in between I’m working my way back to the fold. So it’s all good.”

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The Wrestling Observer Newsletter by Dave Meltzer noted that Kofi should be back soon since WWE is advertising him for future shows.

“Kofi Kingston should be back shortly after undergoing ankle surgery, He is starting to be listed in advertising for shows, although the shows are still a few months away. Kingston & Woods will be put back together as a tag team on Raw most likely upon his return.”

“Kingston said the surgery was to remove a bone chip and fix a ligament after McIntyre landed on his leg accidentally when doing a flip dive and the injury was such that it needed surgery. He said he’s ahead of schedule on the recovery and said he’s been in Orlando training for a return and things are looking good, so he said hopefully sooner than later he’ll be back in the ring.”

As noted above, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods were drafted to Raw in the recent WWE Draft after spending a few years on Smackdown.