WWE Working On Bray Wyatt Project

Bray Wyatt

There is a new Bray Wyatt project that WWE is working on, according to a new report.

The wrestling world was shocked in August 2023 when we learned that former WWE Champion Bray Wyatt passed away suddenly at the age of 36. Wyatt passed away due to a COVID-related illness that led to complications that affected the lower part of his heart.

Since his death, WWE fans have been calling for the company to induct him into the 2024 Hall of Fame. It’s not known if that will happen, but it’s something that WWE could announce in the coming months before WrestleMania 40.

It has been reported by PWInsider Elite’s Mike Johnson that World Wrestling Entertainment has been working on some sort of project related to Bray Wyatt.

The report noted that Bray’s brother Bo Dallas was interviewed for the project and was in Pittsburgh at Callosum Studio for something related to what WWE is producing. It was added that Jason Baker of Callosum was the creator of the Bray Wyatt “Fiend” mask and likely the Uncle Howdy mask as well. Dallas portrayed the Uncle Howdy character.

It was also mentioned that it’s not known what the project is being set up for. It could be related to something on Peacock/WWE Network, A&E, WWE Digital or something else. There will likely be updates in the future.

Bray Wyatt Merchandise Proceeds Go To His Family

When Bray Wyatt died, he was a few months away from marrying Jojo Offerman, with whom he has two children. Wyatt also has two children with his first wife.

In December 2023, Wyatt’s father Mike Rotunda (aka WWE superstar Irwin R. Schyster) spoke about his son and how WWE was sending proceeds of Bray Wyatt merchandise to Bray’s family.

“It’s been really hard. We miss him every day. [Gets choked up]. Growing up in the business, you always book stuff during the week because you’re going to be wrestling on the weekends and TV. Windham and Jojo were supposed to get married yesterday. We miss Windham horribly, every day.

Windham was the first one and we would bring him on the road at six months old. They would come with me and stay on the road, wherever I was wrestling, and it’s so hard to wake up out of this nightmare and he’s still not there. I have to give WWE credit. They’ve done awesome helping our family out with a lot of different stuff. They put Windham on a legends contract and all the proceeds go to…Windham has four children. Luckily, we have them.

He was a jolly fellow. He loved to laugh, he was loud. He was always laughing and he lit up a room. He lit up the wrestling business. People come up to me and have a story with Windham, they say he took the time to sit there and bullshit with me for ten or fifteen minutes when he’s supposed to be signing autographs. So many people come up and support him by wearing his stuff, and they have a story about him. He was that kind of person. We miss him badly.”

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