How Did WWE & AEW Stars Really React To CM Punk’s Bombshell Interview

CM Punk

CM Punk finally gave his side of the story in relation to his time in AEW and how he really feels about the company but how do those both in his former company and WWE really feel about what he had to say?

CM Punk revealed what really happened with Jack Perry at AEW All In that ultimately led to his firing from the company. The two men were believed to have gotten physical before Punk’s match with Samoa Joe and Punk revealed it was Joe who told him to stop.

CM Punk also took issue with Tony Khan’s assertion that he feared for his life during the altercation and lifted the lid on how he really felt about Khan’s leadership of AEW.

With all of these revelations stealing the headlines less than a week before WrestleMania, Fightful Select has now reported on how those in AEW and WWE feel about it.

WWE & AEW Stars Share CM Punk Thoughts

The report noted that several AEW talents had taken to social media to post positive things about the company during Punk’s interview but that it was more about being supportive of the company.

One talent who was described as being close to Punk noted that the interview was “bound to happen” at some point and they hope that this is the last of the comments. An unnamed AEW star commented about how preventable the whole mess between Punk and others in AEW actually was:

More than anything, what the interview showed was that this was preventable from all sides. Punk is happy, AEW talent moved on, so hopefully everyone just learns from it and makes amends in the future.

Those in WWE also shared their thoughts on what CM Punk had to say with backstage personnel noting they didn’t think Punk really wanted to discuss AEW but did know “it was likely to come up.” One WWE star pointed out they were happy that the interview took place when it did so the fallout would die down and not overshadow WrestleMania.