Wrestling Veteran Gives New Details On AEW All Out Backstage Fight

aew all out Ace Steel CM Punk

Konnan has revealed what he knows about the AEW All Out backstage fight.

The AEW All Out backstage fight happened three months ago and it’s still something that is regularly talked about because of the chaos that ensued. Moments after winning the AEW World Title at All Out on September 4th, CM Punk went on a press conference rant trashing Colt Cabana, “Hangman” Adam Page and AEW’s EVPs The Elite – Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson).

After Punk’s rant, Omega and The Young Bucks went to his locker room for a confrontation. That led to a fight that saw Punk throwing punches even though he suffered a torn triceps in the All Out match while Punk’s friend and former AEW Producer Ace Steel bit Omega’s arm while throwing a chair that gave Nick Jackson a black eye. Everybody was suspended, Punk may never be back in AEW and Ace was fired. The Elite trio came back at Full Gear on November 19th to resume their run in AEW.

On a recent episode of his Keepin’ It 100 with Konnan podcast, wrestling legend Konnan shared what he was told about the backstage fight.

“So this all started because (Hangman) Page felt that Punk got Cabana fired. Punk denied it. I already told you my conversation with Cabana, so I believe Cabana. Tony denied it, but a lot of the boys were bitter that he did that. That’s what started everything between them.”

“Then I guess Page went to something in Chicago or some Comic Con. You know they’re all like comic nerds and sh*t. They asked him, ‘Who does he (Page) go to advice for?’ He said that he doesn’t really listen to a lot of people. Now Punk hasn’t been in the business for seven years, so he doesn’t know like Page and The Young Bucks. He doesn’t know about them.”

“I was told that he came back and he was giving everybody advice, but there were some people that were like, ‘I think Punk doesn’t know that we’re stars and made it on our own’, and some people weren’t listening to him and that rubbed him the wrong way.”

Konnan continued talking about the AEW All Out backstage fight by saying that The Young Bucks didn’t even see Punk’s press conference rant.

“I didn’t know this until today, but remember when Jericho went to the table (at the media scrum). He was supposed to show up with The Young Bucks. He whispered into Tony’s ear what just happened much like the guy who told George Bush 911 was going down, and like Bush, Tony did nothing. They commended Chris, who obviously is a shark in the fu**ing dressing room and knows his way around, he’s learned from the best, for his professionalism and not adding to the fire.”

“From what I understand, The Young Bucks never saw the interview. Somebody told them about it. When they told them about it, they went running to the dressing room with these cops.”

As the storytelling continued, Konnan was asked if they were cops or the AEW security and Konnan said he wasn’t sure because he didn’t ask.

“They (The Elite) busted in there and Punk thought he was going to get attacked so he punched one of The Young Bucks. When he punched one of The Young Bucks, obviously his brother got involved and his (Punk’s) trainer, Ace Steel, got on his (The Young Bucks’) brother and then Omega cross-faced him. When he cross-faced him, this guy bit him.”

“I guess there was a fu**ing dog in there, Punk’s dog. He was in there and Omega was trying to pick up the dog. He’s seeing his friend getting beat up. They initially were only going to come in and say, ‘Hey, what the f*ck’, but Punk thought they were going to get attacked, so he defended himself.”

There was definitely a dog there because it was Punk’s dog Larry since All Out was in Punk’s hometown of Chicago. What Konnan said is similar to some other stories that have been told about the incident as well.

While talking about Punk’s potential future, Konnan added that he didn’t think even had to wrestle much if he went to WWE.

“That’s the story, and the rumor is he’s signing with WWE. That would be massive. If he has a year left, well, they’ll wait a year I guess. One thing is he doesn’t have to wrestle. He’s a legend now. He just shows up. What he did is legendary. Very few guys have done what he did. That’s like sh*t I did in Mexico. He’s a legend.”

Thanks to WrestlingNewsCo for the transcript.