William Regal’s AEW Contract Situation “In Play”

William Regal on the ramp

The future of William Regal might not be as cut and dry as previously thought with a new report stating that the contract situation with him is “in play.”

At Full Gear, William Regal betrayed Jon Moxley in shocking fashion to help MJF become AEW World Champion. With the referee laid out late on in the bout and with them having missed MJF tapping out, Regal told Moxley to wake the official up. With his back turned, William Regal then slid his trusty brass knucks to MJF who struck Moxley with a knockout blow to become AEW World Champion for the very first time.

On the following Dynamite, William Regal told the Chicago crowd he’d leave any explaining to ‘Mr. Friedman’ before an angry Jon Moxley stormed to the ring. As he was surely about to attack Regal, he was stopped by Bryan Danielson who acknowledged Regal’s behaviour but begged Moxley not to beat him senseless. Instead, Moxley simply told Regal to run and never show his face in AEW again. Regal walked out of the arena and the rumour mill began to churn.

Many people began to wonder if this was indeed a real exit from William Regal from AEW with the speculation that he will one day return to WWE – now under the management of his close friend Triple H – increasing.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer commented on some of the things he could talk about regarding William Regal’s AEW status but suggests there is more to come on this story:

“William Regal when he signed [with AEW] which was only in April or May said that he signed for three years. Now, something is going on but I’m not sure of all of the details. Actually, I’ve been told a lot of stuff but most of it was off the record. But the basic gist of the situation is I don’t know what he’s doing as far as if he’s going or if he’s staying but I do know that it is something that has been talked about.”

“So either there’s something in the contract – because a three-year deal Tony Khan has not let anyone out early so far, now that doesn’t mean he never will but I don’t know what the situation is. There were people who were talking about how there’s stuff being talked about but I don’t know exactly what it is, I don’t know if he’s staying, I don’t know if he’s going. The rumours have been out even before Wednesday’s show. I mean the thing on Wednesday’s show was just an angle but there had been talk of that from very early on.”

“The fact that he said he was signed for three years and some people are like ‘oh that means he’s for sure not leaving and there’s no story here.’ It’s like there’s something going on but there’s no guarantee he’s leaving, there’s no guarantee he’s staying. As far as the contract situation with Tony and everything like that, I’m not aware of that but I do know that it’s something that’s in play. But he said his contract was three years so in theory, he couldn’t do anything until April 2025 but that’s what I know – that’s what I can say put it that way.”

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