William Regal Reunites With Blackpool Combat Club At Surprising Event

william regal blackpool combat club aew

William Regal got the band back together in New York.

After arriving in AEW at Revolution in March 2022, William Regal set about forming the grittiest, hard-nosed wrestling stable the company had ever seen. The veteran firmed up the at-times uneasy alliance between Jon Moxley and Bryan Danielson, and in the following months, the trio recruited Wheeler Yuta and Claudio Castagnoli.

The quintet, known as the Blackpool Combat Club became a powerful force in AEW with all except Danielson tasting championship gold.

Regal left the group in bizarre circumstances following Full Gear 2022 where he cost Moxley the AEW World Championship. The British legend said the betrayal was his final lesson, but in reality, he wanted to leave the company to return to WWE to work with his son Charlie Dempsey.

In one of the most brilliantly British moves of all-time Regal has now reunited with Yuta and Castagnoli at the PDC darts at Madison Square Garden.

Is William Regal Returning To WWE Television?

Since returning to WWE, Regal’s appearances on television have been few and far between. Ava currently performs his old General Manager role, and the veteran is seemingly content to help the next generation behind the scenes. However, that could soon change.

On a recent episode of NXT, Charlie Dempsey discussed the No Quarter Catch Crew needing structure now that he has lost the Heritage Cup. This could reportedly pave the way for William Regal to return to television to act as a mentor for the group.