William Regal Reveals Kind Vince McMahon Act During WWE Departure

William Regal & Vince McMahon

William Regal may be on his way back to WWE, but he has discussed Vince McMahon’s kindness when he left earlier this year.

William Regal made his AEW debut at Revolution in March 2022, having been released from his backstage role with NXT on 5th January. However, he has since revealed that this was not the full story.

In a discussion with Inside The Ropes back in October, Regal confirmed that he also had a talent contract with WWE which didn’t run out until April. However, having spoken to Vince McMahon directly he was given permission to make his AEW debut before that expired.

Mr. McMahon was very good to me, to the point of, I will say this because whatever he’s going through, he was excellent to me. I had a talent contract, as well as an employee contract and it didn’t run out until the end of April because I played William Regal. I started for AEW on the seventh of March. I didn’t call anybody else, I sent a message straight to the boss, ‘Hey Boss, I’ve got this thing with Bryan,’ and he loves Bryan as well. ‘Absolutely, you go’ and still paid me until the end of my talent contract. I was the only person who ever got paid by both companies at the same time.

It has since been confirmed that William Regal has been granted his release from AEW and will make a return to WWE, however reports claim that he will not have an on-screen role throughout 2023. Given the amount of speculation, Regal has recently made comment on all of the rumors.

With thanks to Fightful for the transcription.