William Regal Fires Back At Recent Reports

William Regal

William Regal has responded to recent reports regarding his status as he readies himself for a return to WWE and says “a still tongue keeps a wise head.”

With speculation mounting as to William Regal’s status in AEW, Tony Khan confirmed ahead of the ROH Final Battle show that he had agreed to not exercise the option to extend Regal’s AEW contract at the English star’s request.

PWInsider has since reported that “William Regal has officially come to terms on his new position with [WWE] and will start the first week of January.” William Regal will also have a Vice President position in the company when he returns in January 2023, but the specific job title has not been announced yet.

Taking to social media, Regal has urged caution regarding reports about him as he says only few know the complete truth as it only comes from him:

“There’s seems to be a lot of news about me getting spread around. There’s enough people who really know me (although they are few as trust is a big issue with me) who know the truth. Unless you hear it from me directly it is at best second hand information…..”

“….unless you hear it directly from ME it is either wrong or someone’s interpretation of what is really going on. And that means EVERYTHING that is being said about me from every “source”. That goes for ANYONE SAYING they have spoken or know me. A still tongue keeps a wise head!”