William Regal On “Entitled” MJF’s Email Complaints

William Regal MJF

William Regal has discussed MJF lambasting him on Dynamite over emails he sent to Regal years ago in the hope of getting a job in WWE.

Dynamite saw a heated confrontation between MJF and the man formerly in charge of scouting and recruiting the best talent for WWE. The Long Island native took issue with being told to keep Regal up to speed with his work only to be told to back off after sending a third email for the third consecutive month.

Speaking on his Gentleman Villain podcast – courtesy of – William Regal has given his side of the story and says MJF was just showing him the same things over and over and he told the star to stop after two emails but he didn’t heed that advice:

“After two emails, I told him, ‘You’re 19, go make a name for yourself.’ I’ve spent a lot of time telling him all these things he needed to work on, and being a really good microphone guy is one of them, but he was already good. That’s how he came onto my radar.”

“When he sent me the third email, which was basically the same thing I had already seen. Everyone I’ve ever met, I’ve done stuff for. I’ve already told the lad, ‘send me an email.’ I’ve told him twice. Sending me another one, when I have 200 or more people trying to get a job, and the people I’m already dealing with, he’s just taking up my time now. He even said that. He sent me two emails, I told him not to send any more, and he sent another one. Why send me another one?”

“He went out, did all the things that whoever has taught him, and the time he’s spent with me, did all that and got himself into position. That’s what I wanted, but he sent me a third one, on a day where I was probably 15 emails in for other people that I wish I could have gotten an opportunity for when I’ve already gotten him an opportunity, it’s just going to take a while, and he needs to go out and make a name for himself.”

William Regal then questions how MJF is the only one that he has encountered upset about the email situation and suggests that perhaps the star is just entitled:

“How come he’s the only person in the entire industry who has some gripe against me about that? Perhaps he’s just a prick. Perhaps he’s just an entitled prick who needs to grow up a bit. That’s what he needs.”

“He’s 26. If he’s still whining and moaning about that, good for him. Good for him when he gets in the ring with someone like Jon Moxley, who has never acted entitled and has grown up very hard. Good for him. He’s going to get battered. Not just physically but mentally. Jon Moxley is ahead of the game.”

William Regal and the world will get to find out just how MJF fares when he gets in the ring with Jon Moxley as the two men will meet at Full Gear for the AEW World Championship.

h/t Fightful