William Regal Ending His Podcast

William Regal

The podcast that William Regal started in 2022 is ending ahead of his return to WWE.

William Regal joined AEW in March 2022 after being released by WWE following 20+ years working there. The podcast was called “Gentleman Villain with William Regal” with Regal talking about his history in pro wrestling. The podcast covered a lot of different topics like when Regal started as a pro wrestler in Europe, going to WCW in the early 1990s, his WWE run starting in the late 1990s and working behind the scenes in NXT in the 2010s.

After Regal helped Maxwell Jacob Friedman (MJF) win the AEW World Title at Full Gear on November 19th, MJF turned on Regal two weeks later on AEW Dynamite. Regal left on a stretcher and was taken away in an ambulance. After that, there were rumors that Regal was leaving AEW to return to WWE.

On a conference call this week, AEW President Tony Khan confirmed that Regal would be leaving All Elite Wrestling because he wanted to work for WWE NXT again, especially because his son Charlie Dempsey is a wrestler there. Khan granted Regal his request by not exercising an option in Regal’s contract.

During the latest edition of Regal’s podcast, his co-host Matt Koon confirmed that Regal wasn’t going to do the podcast again.

“Mr. Regal is no longer doing the podcast. We have three episodes left. This is one of them. Next week, we have something very special. Mr. Regal sent me an email a while ago. This email was something he made a while ago called, ‘The Do’s and Don’ts of Professional Wrestling.’ It’s a list. It’s a long list of things wrestlers should do and wrestlers shouldn’t do. Maybe with a guest next week, I’m going to talk about that.”

“The following week, we’re going to give a little preview into the new podcast, we call it my new podcast, but it’s not really, but someone much bigger, much more famous, much bigger in the wrestling world, much more current person that is going to have a podcast on AdFreeShows/Podcast Heat, and that show is going to be on this feed. So if you subscribe to this show, just hang tight. Listen to it. We’re not saying who it is yet.”

On the December 7th episode of AEW Dynamite, they aired a taped William Regal promo from two weeks ago talking about how he was Blackpool Combat Club until he dies.

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