“I’m Blackpool Combat Club Until The Day I Die” – William Regal Explains AEW Exit On Dynamite

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William Regal explained his recent actions on the latest episode of Dynamite and addressed his exit from AEW.

At AEW Full Gear, William Regal shocked the world when he handed brass knuckled to MJF to use against Blackpool Combat Club member Jon Moxley. MJF was able to win the AEW World Championship with Regal’s assistance, but to the surprise of many, he turned on his newfound ally last week, laying William Regal lying after a brutal attack.

After William Regal was removed from AEW Dynamite on a stretcher, rumors began flying that he would be returning to WWE. Earlier today, AEW President Tony Khan confirmed that Regal would be saying goodbye to All Elite Wrestling, and many fans wondered whether they’d get closure in regard to his storyline with MJF.

Questions were answered on the most recent episode of AEW Dynamite when William Regal was shown in a video segment following Claudio Castagnoli and Wheeler Yuta’s win over Daniel Garcia and Jake Hager. Jon Moxley was ringside for the bout.

After the Blackpool Combat Club members scored a victory, Tony Schiavone joined them in the ring, saying there was something they needed to see. A clip of William Regal played, and their former leader had this to say:

“People are only going to see this if something bad happens to me, and when you’re somebody like me, and spend your life being as horrible as I have, you’re always expecting something bad to happen.

Well, MJF, I took great exception to what he did to you [Tony Schiavone] and he seems to be mad about emails and he’s complaining. So I gave him what he wanted, he’s World Champion. You know that old saying Tony? Be careful what you wish for? Because now everybody in this company is going to be chasing him.

I realised several months ago that the three main members of the Blackpool Combat Club didn’t need me around anymore. I’m surplus to requirements as they say. But I knew they wouldn’t let me go. But I needed to show them why they don’t need me, and I needed to show them why they can teach Wheeler Yuta to be the best professional wrestler in the world, because they’ve all got that capability.

But you have to lead by example. Hopefully, and I know he will because Jon Moxley’s a very, very calculating man, he’ll understand this. The reason why I did what I did, and to lead by example was to teach you the final thing that I could ever teach you. Always stay one step ahead, and make sure you always keep eyes in the back of your head.

I’m Blackpool Combat Club until the day I die. Fellas, It’s been emotional.”

h/t Inside the Ropes